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Data4NHS National Directory Service is one of the largest healthcare-related databases in the UK containing up-to-date, accurate and in-depth information relating to over 300,000 healthcare professionals. The fully searchable directory is available online to NHS personnel.

Data4NHS e-bulletin Service provides you with conferences invitations and notifications regarding accredited seminars and symposiums. Newsletters for certain vocations are also available. From time to time information will be sent about our associated/affiliated companies, and their clients' product and services including updates about specialist services, conferences and seminars, diagnostic, medical and pharmaceutical promotional materials as well as official information. However, please be advised that we will not share your emails with any third parties.

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The Data4NHS National Directory Service maintains one of the largest healthcare related databases in the UK. Formerly known as the Blue Book, Data4NHS has been compiling data on the NHS since 1992. This established and trusted resource contains up-to-date, accurate and in-depth information relating to a variety of healthcare professionals working for and supporting the NHS. Our in-house data verification team check and update records on a regular basis through direct contact with NHS personnel.

Registration is free and only available to NHS professionals with a valid NHS email address.

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Data4NHS National Directory Service

  • National Directory Service: Search our secure directory of over 300,000 NHS healthcare professionals.
  • Surveys: Have your say. We post and publish regular surveys giving you and your colleagues an insight on important issues surrounding the NHS.
  • Recruitment Service: Our information-rich support environment is an ideal place to highlight your professional vacancies. Apply and post your clinical and non-clinical job vacancies for free.
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Data4NHS E-Bulletin Service

  • E-bulletin Service: Our popular topical e-bulletin service provides you with invitations to conferences and events, training opportunities, as well as updates and information based on your role within the NHS.